St. Marys Garden Club

Join us for all things gardening!

There will be a meet-up at the Pott. Co. Regional Library, St. Marys Branch, on July 11th from 6 – 7 pm.  This will be a general meeting, outlining the direction of the club and its program for the year.

Throughout the course of the year we will be sharing produce and knowledge, swapping seedlings, giving back to the community, and potentially having an annual garden tour, salsa contest, and other garden-related events.  We will also be covering topics such as:

Pruning for optimal bounty
Canning and preservation
Propagation and seed harvesting/storage
Lawns – the good, the bad, and the ugly
Water conservation
Potager design and drip irrigation
Composting and worm farming
Attracting beneficial wildlife
Winter maintenance
Gardening despite poor soil
Ornamental gardening
Patio gardening

Be sure to subscribe to be kept up to date on each month’s upcoming topics!

Join us for all things gardening!


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